The art of moulage creates realism in any scenario

This past Wednesday, Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College worked closely with Barnes-Jewish Hospital to implement a simulated disaster drill. My colleague, Kelly Fleming, is a member of the hospital’s Disaster Preparedness Committee, and played a vital role in organizing the College’s participation.

The drill was designed to “test” how our hospital responds to a disaster situation – in this exercise, a bomb explosion at three sites throughout the community. Our role at the College was to help with moulage and make-up to ensure the students who participated appeared as if they had actually been a victim in a bomb explosion.

My team, which consists of Deb Sutter, Gale Bunt, Tim Shinabery and Sue Brown, were instrumental in the success of this drill. They worked extra hours in the days leading up to the event to ensure wounds were made to reflect the injuries of the participants.

On the morning of the drill, the simulation staff, Dr. Gail Rea (assistant dean for pre-licensure programs), Kelly Fleming, myself, and the 25 student participants arrived early at the College. The simulation team had stations for applications of wounds, blisters, bruising, abrasions, and much more – they worked together to ensure the students “looked the part” before heading to the hospital. At 8:45, a bus picked the students, and brought them to the Barnes-Jewish emergency department. From there, the students were triaged and interfaced with multiple hospital departments, depending on their level of injury.

This was a great way for the College to work collaboratively with Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and I know the simulation team looks forward to future events.

Check out photos from The Art of Moulage on our Flickr site.


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