Excitement, stress, anticipation and satisfaction

Well, it is the first day of the term and I can feel the excitement in the air!

The college is once again filled with the hustling and bustling of students AND I love it!  There is an identifiable process throughout the term that I have noticed.  The excitement at the beginning, the stress throughout, anticipation of ‘the end’ and the satisfaction of completion.

The excitement is for meeting new people, reading the syllabus, anticipating how the term will go, what will happen, what will be learned, and will it all make sense.  Probably even feel a little bit overwhelmed at all that lies in the next few months.

Then the stress of the term will start a few days before the first test. The tests in nursing school are VERY DIFFICULT. They are situational – what would you do first, what would you do next, pick the BEST answer, etc.  This stress will continue until the completion of the HESI final!

But toward the end of the term, about two weeks before the last test, the classroom starts to get a little nudge of excitement again.  The end is near, another term down, we are one step closer to the GOAL!

This is absolutely my favorite time of the term  – the very first week.  The excitement, the anticipation, laying the path for the next few months. So here we go again, HANG ON AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

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