How do you plan to make nursing better?

BJC HealthCare’s Make Medicine Better social media lead recently came to campus to ask our current students the all-important question – how do they plan to make nursing better once they graduate and begin their chosen profession? Check out what they had to say:

Stacey R. – “When I’m done with school my goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse but I’m also interested in HIV research and helping with the elimination of the elimination of that disease particularly in the black community because it’s a community that’s affected very strongly by it.  I would also like to help recruit more minorities into nursing.  I don’t think there’s enough diversity in nursing.. so my goal is to help branch out and recruit some of the high school students and some of the college students who are unsure of their career choice into nursing.”

Angel J. – “My desire as a nurse once I complete my education is to be a patient advocate and also to individualize patient care so that I can make each patient feel like they are important.  I also want to help them do what they are not able to do so that once they are able to leave my care they will be able to take care of themselves due to the education and care that I have provided.”

Jennifer G. – “I would make nursing better by showing compassion with every patient and providing them with a safe environment.”

Maggie D. – “I will make nursing better by making every experience a positive one, most importantly for my patients.”

Jessica S. – “I’ll make nursing better by listening to my patient’s needs and meeting with them with the best of my ability.”

Tequia P. – “The reason why I am interested in nursing is that I have a military background.  We have a lot of people coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and I really want to touch them  on a psychiatric level so I really want to be a psychiatric nurse.  I would like to encourage them to get the help that they need.”

Katie E. – “My goal when I graduate is to help the geriatric care area.  I would absolutely love to work with acute dying patients.  I would love to make an impact in someone’s life and help them during a terrible time.”

Jordan B., Stephanie D., Stephanie H., and Tristi W. –

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