Last day in Cameroon

It is Holly again, and I apologize for the long delay. Accessing the Internet is hit and mostly miss, so much time has passed with radio silence. Everything has been fascinating from the food, yes some of us ate smoked snails. More on that later for the adventurous. The people are so gracious and everyone has picked up at least a little French vocabulary.

Just one more day here in Cameroon, and we will begin the journey back to St. Louis. The students have begun planning their formal presentation for all once we are back. I have heard the rumor that they might wear the traditional dresses that were gifted to us by the Department of Nursing.


One thought on “Last day in Cameroon

  1. I wish everyone a safe journey back home and wait with excitement to hear all about the trip. As I read the blogs from Cameroon I felt a little like I was there with faculty and students. The cultural shock of it all – how devine.

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