Train the trainer begins in Cameroon

This spring term, the students in our study abroad team enrolled in an HIV elective course that covered the various aspects of HIV disease, and best nursing practices for taking care of pregnant HIV-infected women. This week, they are delivering the material to their fellow nursing students at the University of Buea.

As can be expected, our students have been busy!

I received more photos from Dr. Donna Taliaferro. “This morning session was fabulous. Our students were amazing and such sharing from both sides,” she reports.

Here, our students are getting assigned to their “pods” on their first day at the university:

Students getting assigned to their pods

Lindsey Simmons in our Upper Division BSN program teaching the course material to her peers:

Lindsey Simmons in class

I’ve been told the Internet is a bit spotty over there, but we hope to hear more from them soon.

2 thoughts on “Train the trainer begins in Cameroon

  1. Thank you Nikki, once again for sharing with us. It looks like they are very busy and it makes us so proud of what they are accomplishing! Promoting good will, leadership and positive ideas is a wonderful thing.

    • You’re welcome! I am sure it’s an overwhelming but great experience for them. Hopefully they’ll be able to get on the Internet so we can hear directly from them!

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