Notes from the first day of workshop

Hi, Holly here again.

Wednesday was the first day that the Goldfarb School of Nursing students began to deliver the educational intervention to the Cameroonian students. That makes it sound uni-directional, however it was clear early on that the American students are learning just as much as their contemporaries from Cameroon.

I was inspired to see how quickly new relationships were formed, the depth of the questions that were posed, and the comfort with providing the answers. There is so much that both groups of students want to know about the other, and there seems to be no hesitation in sharing.

You’d be so proud to see how well the Goldfarb students are performing as teachers. They are using a variety of approaches to ensure that the information is provided in culturally appropriate ways with a learner centered approach. We had planned to wrap up at 3 PM today, but some of the students had trouble ending the session as the Cameroonian students didn’t want to stop the sharing.

We’ll be back again tomorrow at 9 AM, and I fully expect that the interactions will continue to develop.

On the way home we found a “boulangerie,” a French bakery, and the ladies in blue uniforms (Goldfarb students) were in heaven. The French pastries were unbelievable! Elizabeth bought a small tub of pineapple/coconut ice cream and we all had a few bites on the ride back to the hotel. Christy bought baguettes, and the last time I saw the study group, they were enjoying good old peanut butter sandwiches. Julie had some street food today, and said the grilled meat was amazing. I think they are adjusting quite well!

More later, we really miss St. Louis, but this experience is truly outstanding…………………


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