An introduction to Cameroon

Source: US Department of State

For those who need an introduction, here’s a basic snapshot of Cameroon:

Cameroon is roughly the size of California, with approximately 19.9 million inhabitants and over 250 different ethnic groups. Yaounde is the nation’s capital (1.677 million), but Douala is its largest city as well as its commercial capital (1.978 million).

French and English are both official languages, but there are about 270 African languages and dialects spoken in Cameroon. The major religions consist of 40% Christianity, 20% Islam and 40% indigenous beliefs.

Cameroon is geographically diverse – consisting of northern plains, central and western highlands, and southern and coastal tropical forests. Duoala is in the southwestern area which is warm and humid year-round.

This morning, I got an email from Dr. Donna Taliaferro, our associate dean for research. She shares with us this photo of Dr. Holly Diesel and some of our students upon arriving at the University of Buea in Douala.

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