Off to Cameroon

Hello, my name is Dr. Holly Diesel, and I teach Women’s Health in the Accelerated program, and co-teach an elective this term with Dr. Neal Rosenburg. Tomorrow, a team of four faculty and eight students from the college will depart for Douala, Cameroon in West Africa. While we are there, the students will host a workshop for nursing students attending the University of Buea on Care of the Obstetrical and Newborn Patient with HIV.

We’ve been planning since September of last year, and finally it is time to go. Once we arrive and get settled, we plan on sending daily reports back to the college, including pictures, so I hope you check out our blog over the spring break. Once we return to St. Louis, the students will provide a presentation detailing their experience.

Thanks for reading our opening blog!

6 thoughts on “Off to Cameroon

  1. To everyone involved…safe travel and have a wonderful experience! We are definitly following your adventure and can’t wait to hear any news. Good luck to you all!

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